Greetings to all: we have worked for months challenging restrictions and lockdowns, using all our physical, mental and economic resources, sometimes overnight and in absolute secrecy to shed light on this matter, to do justice to those who have died in excruciating suffering and families who have lost their loved ones without even being able to say goodbye for last time. All this demands justice and truth. 


Typing on the link below you will be able to access to our domains and obtain access to our private and blinded servers that contain the scientific documentation that we have decided to make public. These are three dossiers: 


- The first contains the first analyzes of the Virus carried out in the period February / June 2020, the accurate analysis of proteins, and subsequent biochemical analyzes carried out on tissue samples taken following the autopsy examinations of some subjects died in the first series of death in Bergamo, with related medical records. 


- The second contains updates on the evolution of the virus and biochemical analyzes carried out on unknown elements, taken from the tissues of different organs, after autopsy examinations of subjects died in the second series of death in Bergamo. 


- The third dossier, received from an authoritative source, certainly the most disturbing and of media impact, contains the development of the chimeric Sars-Cov viruses Protocol that led to the creation of Sars-CoV-2, with the list of all the laboratories involved, without omissions and manipulations. It also contains our research confirming the artificial origin of Sars-CoV-2. 


The files will be available in different languages shortly, because we are confident in a global diffusion and disclosure. 


For security reasons, you will understand that the names of the researchers, biologists, chemists and pathologists, as well as the places where the analyzes and research were carried out, cannot be publicly disclosed at this time. 


In order to continue in our onerous scientific research work, free from economic constraints, we ask you for a free donation at your discretion, trusting that you will appreciate the value of our work; other important researches are in progress and you will have the opportunity to access to other dossiers of great scientific interest. 


Our hope is to accompany you on a path of knowledge that can break this spell that is conditioning the life of all humanity and is dragging it towards the denial of the concept and meaning of human existence. 







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